A Great Day Out


No school! Today our teachers had a training day, so pupils had the day off. Hooray!

Because it was such perfect weather, we decided to go to the Princess Diana Memorial playground in Hyde Park. Usually, this playground is so popular with children that you can barely move. However, today,  it was less populated because most  people had school (like poor Helen ).


The reason Charles and I love this space is because of the huge pirate ship: the ship has an enclosed and quite tall crows nest to climb, and a lower deck where younger children can dig in the sand with spades and buckets. I enjoyed playing a game on the ship called ‘intruders and defenders’, invented by me. The intruder has to try to get to a certain point, while the defender tries to catch the intruder and put him in jail. Charles and I took turns being intruder and defender.  We also jumped off the side of the ship in to the soft sand below. When you landed, the sand sank up to your ankles and softened the blow of landing.

We also used the stream to create sandballs, testing out whether the wet, very wet or dry sand worked best. We discovered that a special combination of both was most successful.

After two hours of solid play on the pirate ship, we took a short ride on a carousel next to the playground. The carousel was an old fashioned one with horses and carriages that went up and down and going around. I chose a horse on the outside because horses on the outside go faster than the others and it feels like you are going to fall off.

I could no believe my luck – and felt overjoyed – when my mum ( a strict lady) offered Charles and I some ice-cream. My flavour was Honeycomb, Charles’ was Mint Choc Chip and my mums was Salted Caramel. With our icecreams, we slowly wandered out of the park, checking out how the transport for London rental bikes work.

We also investigated the Queensway lanes – a great looking bowling alley and rollerskating and games centre. It had many old fashioned games such as the original Pacman, Donkey Kong and the Addams Family pinball machine. We might make another trip there one day in the not so distant future.

Just before leaving, we had a look in FOOD BASICS oriental superstore. Charles and I got £1.50 to share, to buy whatever we wanted. In the end we ended up  spending only 1 pound on a box of japanese chocolate biscuits called Hello Panda.

Continuing our run of good luck, we were greeted by a airconditioned hybrid 70 bus that pulled up right outside the gate. It was a brand new bus and very comfortable, quiet and cool. This route takes us almost to our doorstep.

This was a great day out and I would definitely recommend a visit to the Princess Diana memorial playground, as Charles and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Clay Pendants

On Saturday I made clay pendants. First I dug in a mound we have at the back for clay. Then I soaked it in water. After that I molded it into the shape I wanted since the water had made it like Play-Doh. Next I poked a hole through all of the soft shapes so that I could put string through them. After that I left it  to bake. Clay turns really hard if you bake it, so I left it in the sun. Then I left it overnight in a jar. Today I panted them; the footballs black and white, the hearts red and the ‘LOL’ pendants blue and black, it was hard 

Me digging for clay

The wet clay

The end product

Things to Do


imageHi sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Today Rupert, Helen and I went to the local high school and participated in a open day for the the music school there. We got to try lots of different instruments including the french horn, trumpet, clarinet, double bass, cello, tuba, saxophone, trombone and many others. It was so much fun trying out all the instruments: the french horn was my favorite. Then, we got some refreshments. I am really looking forward to playing them all again in the future!looking forward to seeing you again!



Craft Activities, Things to Do

My Archimedes project


I have written a   diary entry from the perspective of Archimedes the ancient Greek mathematician. I have chosen to present it in this way because English was one of the subjects I was chosen for more able group and I like writing diary entries.

My aim  was to represent Archimedes’s achievements and show what daily life was like for Archimedes in Greece using correct facts. I researched in books from the library first, then when I absolutely had to I used Google.

During this project I learnt about the following subjects: theater, medicine, food , war, inventions and of course Archimedes himself. Archimedes was a very impressive character. Some of the things that he invented are still important in our lives today. For example, his work on buoyancy ,  hydrodynamics ,and the Archimedes principle (eureka, of course!) . But my favourite of them all is the screw pump, which is still used by building companies to carry water uphill.

I made my book by first planing all the contents, then writing it all  out. I decided that I should only write the dates in a Greek font since otherwise it would take a long time to write out all the text that way. Then I tea-stainedimage the pieces of paper and sewed it together .After that I put binding tape around it and lined it with marble paper, which I had made myself.

One other point of my project that is ‘incorrect’ is that Archimedes would have not had pencils and paper,he  would have used papyrus and a hard reed for a pen. For ink, ancient greeks used all sorts of materials including squid ink and vegetable juice!


I have written in Modern Greek whereas Archimedes would have written in Ancient Greek. I did this because I couldn’t find  Ancient Greek.

Εφημερίδα: Journal

Ουομα: Name

Αρχιμήδηζ: Archimedes

Να Κάνω: To Do

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