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A trip to the theatre: Elephantom


 The Elephantom is a play about an annoying elephant who is always getting a little girl in to trouble.

I thought this play was great, and that the musician backstage doing the sound effecgs was brilliant! There were a lot of noises, but no talking which means that if you dont speak English it is still fine to watch. My favourite bit was when the Elephantoms came in to the crowd and bounced everywhere. This is what my brother Rupert thought of it…

I like the Elephantom because it is very funny it had funny dancing ghost elephants and they all came into the audiance!.I  also thought it was very realistic when the elephant did a fake poo. This is what my younger brother Charles thought…

I liked it  when the elephants had a party and when the elephantom brushed right against our face. And also when the elephantom’s poo dropped down from the ceiling.

Helen, Rupert and Charles saw The Elephantom on July 28, 2014 at The New London Theatre on Drury Lane, London. It is playing until September 6.

Watch the trailer here.


One thought on “A trip to the theatre: Elephantom

  1. Felicity says:

    Dear Helen, Rupert and Charles,
    That sounds brilliant. Charles I think you’re very brave to like when an Elephantom brushed against your face. We moved into our house today. We are very tired but Uncle Quentin is cooking steak for our supper and is happy. Are Helen and mummy coming to visit? Love Felicity x


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