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Raising Butterflies

The caterpillars

The caterpillars-day 1

My Mum bought me and my brothers a butterfly raising kit from Insect Lore, where they send you caterpillar eggs by post which have usually hatched by the time they arrive. The caterpillars come in a little container which has the caterpillar food in it. There is enough food in the container to last for the whole caterpillar stage! Once the caterpillars have formed their chrysalides, you move them to the provided butterfly enclosure. After a while, they will turn into magnificent butterflies so you can observe them. When a few days have past let them go! So in short, Get’ em, Grow’ em, Set’ em free!

By Helen


4 thoughts on “Raising Butterflies

  1. Philippa and Hazel says:

    I liked the story about the caterpillars and butterflies. Can we please see a butterfly photo?
    We will try your lentilaise recipe tonight!
    Hazel from Melbourne


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