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A trip to PGL

On Saturday, Rupert and I went to PGL in Surrey. We took the train to Haslemere and then a taxi. PGL is a camp for children aged 7 to 17. We slept there for 3 nights. The food is quite good and there is someone on night duty each night who turns out your lights and wakes you up in the morning. He/She also sleeps nearby so that if there is a problem during the night, you go and wake him/her up.The sort of activities you do are:


Abseiling Abseiling Aeroball Aeroball Archery Archery Challenge Course Challenge Course
Climbing Climbing Fencing Fencing Giant Swing Giant Swing Initiative Exercises Initiative Exercises
Jacob's Ladder Jacob’s Ladder Low Ropes Course Low Ropes Course Orienteering Orienteering Powerfan Powerfan®
Quad Biking Quad Biking Raft Building Raft Building Rifle Shooting Rifle Shooting Sensory Trail Sensory Trail
Survivor Survivor Trapeze Trapeze Zip Wire Zip Wire  And much more!

My favourite activity was definatly powerfan. It was so fun! If there are activities you don’t want to do you don’t have to do them. We decided to do everything that was suggested. If you only do a four day course like me and Rupert, you do not do all of the activities.

We would like to go to PGL again next year. Perhaps we will chose another site (there are many PGL sites all around the UK) and we might even stay for longer!



2 thoughts on “A trip to PGL

  1. Felicity says:

    Dear Helen, I have never even heard of Powerfan. Please can you write a blog to tell me what it is. I love that you had such a good time. xx


  2. Hi Felicity! Power Fan is where you climb to the hight you want (the minimum is 2m and the maximum is 11m ) and jump. You are all harnessed up so you just fall gently to the ground. I don’t know why why it is called power fan.



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