We are going to Australia again! Charles, Rupert, Mummy and me are leaving on Wednesday (today is Monday), but Daddy and Martha are staying here. It is a very long flight ; I am dreading it  but am also so excited I think I’m about to burst! 24 hours of jet-lag and flying, help! Rupert and me are sitting together and Charles and Mummy are sitting a few rows back. Last time, we discovered that you can call or send messages to other people on the plane using the control , and although we are sitting next to each other, me and Rupert will be taking full advantage of this. There are also loads of movies to watch and games to play. I remember our last flight like it happened yesterday, and one of the things that especially stood out was the INEDIBLE food. It was so disgusting, I didn’t have so much as a bread roll the whole flight. 

We have bought a new kennel and some ‘doggy puzzles’ for  Martha, and have also cleared up the craft-room so it is safe for her. Daddy will take her for a walk in the morning then leave her outside to run about when he leaves for work. At about lunchtime, someone will come and take her for a walk. Now exhausted, Martha will flop down into her crate (which is in the craft-room), the person will close the door to the craft-room so Martha will have free range of it until Daddy comes home. Ta-da!

When we arrive Grandma and Grandpa will be on a cruise, but they come back a couple of days after us. Meanwhile, we’ll stay in their house. When they get back, we will start school in Australia. It will be the middle of Summer and VERY hot, but luckily they live 50 metres away from a beautiful beach. We will be able to see all of our grandparents, cousins and other family.

Charles, Rupert and me are all very excited. I CAN’T WAIT!

PS. Martha is getting her stitches out today!



4 thoughts on “Australia

  1. Uncle Quentin says:

    How exciting. I’ve forgotten where you go to in Australia. We’re going to be in Brisbane and then Ballarat, is that near? Are you going to take a sandwich this time? Love Felicity and uncle quentin xx


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