In Australia  we went crabbing on Grange jetty.  We  spent a total of 6 hours and caught 5 sand crabs but we had to throw 4 back because they were too small . 


Everyone around us caught blue swimmers.Twice someone next to us  caught  2 blue  swimmers in one net. After you catch your first crab it gets addictive and you end up staying all night .On our 2 & 3rd  time a person gave us two blue swimmers out of pity. I preferred the meat  in the claw to the body meat. When everyone was done with there claws they gave them to me and I pulled the tendon which made the claw open and close.



One thought on “Crabbing

  1. Gwen says:

    Hi Helen, Rupert and Charles. What great fun being able to go crabbing.
    Our friend who loaned you the Crab nets made this comment
    We are delighted threegofar had so much fun with crabbing. Will send the story on to my grand children. Sue


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