Reading retreat

During the school holidays, our family had a reading retreat. We went to St Ermins hotel in London, just a 30 minute trip from our house. We slept the night in a big room, all together.

The idea was for us all to relax and read as much as possible. It was very relaxing. We also visited the tea lounge and had pots of tea. I had mint tea and Charles and Helen had fruity berry. We ate dinner in the hotel. Charles, Helen and I completed a spy challenge at the hotel and our reward was a free kids cocktail in the lounge.

I read Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, the first in his Dark Materials trilogy. I recommend it! Our mother read us Storm Boy by Colin Thiele, it is about a boy and his pelican. The story is set in South Australia and my parents read it when they were young.

In between reading, we had a picnic in St James Park. Also, we had quizzes from a book called Quiz Kids and competed against each other.

We also had a massive buffet breakfast – a highlight for me was the bacon and eggs with sausages.

After this experience, I would recommend that you take time out to kick back, read and relax. You dont have to travel far – a hotel close by could be just as good as one a plane ride away.



Mmm I love mint tea!


Books and tea go well togther!


Relaxing in St James park


Reading Storm Boy


Reading our books


Drinking our  spy coctails


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