A trip to the countryside


I went to Northamptonshire in the summer holidays and stayed with  my mum’s friend Sophie . We caught a train from Euston station and it took about an hour to get there. Sophie came to collect us from the station.

At her house, there were  three dogs that were cute and friendly. They were called Otto, Lola and Totty. It was a wonderful house,  it was huge it had a games room , a tennis court, and a swimming pool. In the swimming pool, there were lots of rings that you float in, a noodle, and a floating bed.There was a changing room, sun loungers, 2 dog rooms, and 2 people to help out around the house. The tennis court had a tall chair for an umpire to sit in. The garden was very pretty and the vegetable patch had lots of vegetables including carrots, raspberries and lettuce. The thing i liked best about our stay was playing with all the different musical instruments in the play room.

Thanks to Sophie and her family for having us to stay. I loved it.



2 thoughts on “A trip to the countryside

  1. Rose says:

    The website is so good and I’m so glad that we invited you guys to the house in the country side!!! And I had so much fun playing with all of you hopefully next time you can come!


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