I’m going to hospital!

Today I went to a pre surgery check-up . I was told a surgeon was going to take out my tonsils and adenoids . I was shown the two ways of getting put to sleep ;the cannula- a tube that goes into your vein and a mask that has sleeping gas in it which makes you fall asleep .If I had the choice I would choose the mask because it would be less painful so I just have to hope that the NHS will choose the mask for me.


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3 thoughts on “I’m going to hospital!

  1. Felivity says:

    We’re very sorry you have to go to hospital but it will be so lovely not to have sore throats. Uncle Quentin had his out when he was about your age and he remembers that he had lots of icecream afterwards because it was easy to eat. The nurses put so many cannulas in people that they can do it without hardly hurting at all. We’ll be thinking of you. Love Felicity and Uncle Quentin xxxx


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