Hilary’s story

Hilary had been riding for hours ,her legs hurt, she was drenched in sweat and even worse Jasper was starting to slow down. She couldn’t believe that she was going to the final of the horse racing! Just at that moment she flew through the air like a bird. She felt like she had just jumped through honey, seeing everything flying past and not be able to do anything about it. There was a crack as she hit the side of the training course, dirt and grass flew everywhere like it had been hit with a bomb. Pain suddenly burst around her as she lay on the stiff yellow- brown grass. Jasper nudge her with his snout. Her parents soon came racing to the scene. “Are you ok?” asked her 11-year-old brother, she answered with a groan. Her parents carried her to her room and lay her on the soft bed under warm covers, but her leg still felt like it was going to drop off. Soon someone came in and introduced himself as the doctor. The doctor looked at her leg. He had intense blue eyes and short black hair with a broken nose and was quite thin, he wore a worried expression on his face. “I’m afraid you have badly sprained badly sprained your leg” he announced after some minutes.” you will not be riding for a few weeks.”. A few weeks! A few weeks!  The competition was in in 3 days. What was she going to do? “But please…””no two weeks’ doctor’s orders!” The next day her parents came up stairs to speak to her, “we have some good news for you honey!” “what is it?” she questioned “can I ride !?” dreading the answer, “YES! We found a stirrup online that is also a cast! So, you can ride tomorrow! Hilary rushed outside to practice. It went well Jasper liked the new stirrup and Hilary seemed in good riding shape,” I hope this good tomorrow! “her mother laughed and invited her inside.horse-jumping


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