Eco warriors trip

Last week, I went to an ‘Eco Warriors’trip at the local high school.First we made super hero T-shirts out of recycled felt.I made the flash T-shirt and so did all my friends.Our group  was the green and blue planet .The teachers cut up 6 different coloured planets and jumbled them up in a bag .Then the teachers handed them out at random,we were ment to socialise with other schools but everyone went with the people we knew and the teachers had to split us up into different tables.The high school specifically asked for the more able students so I feel very special!I hope I get invited to the next event!After we did the T-shirts we made clothes out of newspaper .This was my favourite activity, I think I did quite well at it too. Finally we made super hero accessories such as shields,swords, acid sprays and X-ray goggles.I made a snake launcher, acid spray,shield and a brain interference telescope.





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