Games club

On Wednesdays I go to a club for boys called games club.It is for 8-12 yrs and is really fun.It is located at nearby church (ask me for details).If you have a child of that age and live near,than come along we play very fun games such as Lighthouse; a game where there are tables are stood up and there is a person at  one end of the room who turns around for a few seconds and during that time you have to run behind the tables and if the ‘lighthouse’ turns around and sees you, you have to go back to the start . The objective of this game is to touch the person without them shouting your name.We play in darkness and the ‘lighthouse’ has a torch, but you can do it in light if you want .We play lots of games like this as well as board games and sometimes one of our older members bring Nerf guns and we have Nerf war. This club lasts 2 hours and is extremely fun, I definitely recommend it,well I hope you come along!


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One thought on “Games club

  1. Jen Cooke says:

    This sounds like great fun Rupert. Hope you managed to avoid the ‘Lighthouse’ more often than not, and I hope your post encouraged a few new members. Jen


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