My Scratch project

Hi! I’m Charles and welcome to my projectimage

In my class, two people were invited to join a club to do special projects. I decided to make a game using Scratch, which is programming language. The language uses sprites and blocks to work. I learned about Scratch at Code Club, which i go to after swimming lessons on Saturday with my brother and sister, Rupert and Helen.

How do you play my game, I hear you ask? You play by ‘catching’ the animals by clicking on them with your mouse. One of the animals is quite easy to catch  – that is the lioness. There are two other animals – a parrot and a monkey – and they are tricky to catch. The parrot is tricky because it is moving around quickly, so whenever you try to catch it, you will miss. At other times, you might catch another animal instead of the parrot. The monkey is difficult to catch because it moves diagonally and then straight down.

Once you have caught the animals they will ask you if you would like them to tell you information about itself. If you type ‘yes’ then you will find out interesting facts.

To make this programme, I had to find a jungle picture to use as a backdrop (background). I found it on google. I found the sprites from the sprite library in Scratch. I have my very own scratch account, which means if I share my project that it will appear on the Scratch website.


Me doing my project

I told the sprites what to do by using blocks of code information from the different categories, for example, Sensing, Motion, Control, and others. I couldn’t have made this programme if i hadn’t gone to Code Club because my teacher has taught me a lot, which helped me very much.

Click HERE to see my awesome project and play the game.
You need to press on the green flag at the top of the picture to start. You can see the coding that i did on the right side of the screen. Good luck!





2 thoughts on “My Scratch project

  1. Felicity says:

    Wow, this is amazing. So sorry not to have replied before but I haven’t got flashplayer on the tablet and had to wait to use this computer. This game is brilliant, so much work. Excellent.


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