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My Archimedes project


I have written a   diary entry from the perspective of Archimedes the ancient Greek mathematician. I have chosen to present it in this way because English was one of the subjects I was chosen for more able group and I like writing diary entries.

My aim  was to represent Archimedes’s achievements and show what daily life was like for Archimedes in Greece using correct facts. I researched in books from the library first, then when I absolutely had to I used Google.

During this project I learnt about the following subjects: theater, medicine, food , war, inventions and of course Archimedes himself. Archimedes was a very impressive character. Some of the things that he invented are still important in our lives today. For example, his work on buoyancy ,  hydrodynamics ,and the Archimedes principle (eureka, of course!) . But my favourite of them all is the screw pump, which is still used by building companies to carry water uphill.

I made my book by first planing all the contents, then writing it all  out. I decided that I should only write the dates in a Greek font since otherwise it would take a long time to write out all the text that way. Then I tea-stainedimage the pieces of paper and sewed it together .After that I put binding tape around it and lined it with marble paper, which I had made myself.

One other point of my project that is ‘incorrect’ is that Archimedes would have not had pencils and paper,he  would have used papyrus and a hard reed for a pen. For ink, ancient greeks used all sorts of materials including squid ink and vegetable juice!


I have written in Modern Greek whereas Archimedes would have written in Ancient Greek. I did this because I couldn’t find  Ancient Greek.

Εφημερίδα: Journal

Ουομα: Name

Αρχιμήδηζ: Archimedes

Να Κάνω: To Do

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3 thoughts on “My Archimedes project

  1. Gwen says:

    What a great idea, well done for all the work you have contributed to the project, great to see you are using the library. Must have taken you a long time and Iook forward to I look forward to hear the results

    Liked by 1 person

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