We are three children living in London.p1110512 (2) p1090412

Helen is 11, she likes eating spaghetti, gardening, playing football and reading books. Her favourite subject at school is maths. Helen has been to 3 different schools in 3 different countries in 4 years.

Rupert is 8. He plays the guitar and would like to be a goalkeeper in a football team. He likes Asterix and Obelix comics and listens to audiobooks and John Mayer.P1110497


Charles is 5. He likes doing water-slide at the neighbours house, playing music, and doing craft. The only cheese he likes is camembert.



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Helen, Rupert & Charles,

    I was recently inspired by your wonderful blog, in particular, your hatching butterflies.

    So inspired, I proceeded to purchase a live chrysalis for my young daughters 7th birthday. She was just thrilled with the gift.

    7 days later, the most stunning butterfly emerged, and we set it free this morning.

    Thank you for your inspiration, we love reading your blog.

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  2. Jen Cooke says:

    Hello there Helen, Rupert and Charles! I LOVE your site ‘three go far’ and will be following all your posts closely now I have signed up. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the cold weather! Lots of love, Jen C

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