Clay Pendants

On Saturday I made clay pendants. First I dug in a mound we have at the back for clay. Then I soaked it in water. After that I molded it into the shape I wanted since the water had made it like Play-Doh. Next I poked a hole through all of the soft shapes so that I could put string through them. After that I left it  to bake. Clay turns really hard if you bake it, so I left it in the sun. Then I left it overnight in a jar. Today I panted them; the footballs black and white, the hearts red and the ‘LOL’ pendants blue and black, it was hard 

Me digging for clay

The wet clay

The end product

Things to Do


imageHi sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Today Rupert, Helen and I went to the local high school and participated in a open day for the the music school there. We got to try lots of different instruments including the french horn, trumpet, clarinet, double bass, cello, tuba, saxophone, trombone and many others. It was so much fun trying out all the instruments: the french horn was my favorite. Then, we got some refreshments. I am really looking forward to playing them all again in the future!looking forward to seeing you again!



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My Archimedes project


I have written a   diary entry from the perspective of Archimedes the ancient Greek mathematician. I have chosen to present it in this way because English was one of the subjects I was chosen for more able group and I like writing diary entries.

My aim  was to represent Archimedes’s achievements and show what daily life was like for Archimedes in Greece using correct facts. I researched in books from the library first, then when I absolutely had to I used Google.

During this project I learnt about the following subjects: theater, medicine, food , war, inventions and of course Archimedes himself. Archimedes was a very impressive character. Some of the things that he invented are still important in our lives today. For example, his work on buoyancy ,  hydrodynamics ,and the Archimedes principle (eureka, of course!) . But my favourite of them all is the screw pump, which is still used by building companies to carry water uphill.

I made my book by first planing all the contents, then writing it all  out. I decided that I should only write the dates in a Greek font since otherwise it would take a long time to write out all the text that way. Then I tea-stainedimage the pieces of paper and sewed it together .After that I put binding tape around it and lined it with marble paper, which I had made myself.

One other point of my project that is ‘incorrect’ is that Archimedes would have not had pencils and paper,he  would have used papyrus and a hard reed for a pen. For ink, ancient greeks used all sorts of materials including squid ink and vegetable juice!


I have written in Modern Greek whereas Archimedes would have written in Ancient Greek. I did this because I couldn’t find  Ancient Greek.

Εφημερίδα: Journal

Ουομα: Name

Αρχιμήδηζ: Archimedes

Να Κάνω: To Do

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My Scratch project

Hi! I’m Charles and welcome to my projectimage

In my class, two people were invited to join a club to do special projects. I decided to make a game using Scratch, which is programming language. The language uses sprites and blocks to work. I learned about Scratch at Code Club, which i go to after swimming lessons on Saturday with my brother and sister, Rupert and Helen.

How do you play my game, I hear you ask? You play by ‘catching’ the animals by clicking on them with your mouse. One of the animals is quite easy to catch  – that is the lioness. There are two other animals – a parrot and a monkey – and they are tricky to catch. The parrot is tricky because it is moving around quickly, so whenever you try to catch it, you will miss. At other times, you might catch another animal instead of the parrot. The monkey is difficult to catch because it moves diagonally and then straight down.

Once you have caught the animals they will ask you if you would like them to tell you information about itself. If you type ‘yes’ then you will find out interesting facts.

To make this programme, I had to find a jungle picture to use as a backdrop (background). I found it on google. I found the sprites from the sprite library in Scratch. I have my very own scratch account, which means if I share my project that it will appear on the Scratch website.


Me doing my project

I told the sprites what to do by using blocks of code information from the different categories, for example, Sensing, Motion, Control, and others. I couldn’t have made this programme if i hadn’t gone to Code Club because my teacher has taught me a lot, which helped me very much.

Click HERE to see my awesome project and play the game.
You need to press on the green flag at the top of the picture to start. You can see the coding that i did on the right side of the screen. Good luck!