We need the entries!

We need the poetry entries please! Adults are permitted to enter however they will not receive the prize money, but their poem may be poem will be published if they win. Please remember to sign the entries and put your age like this: Helen,9, at the end.

Competition closes the 17th of October 2014

Good luck!




Poetry Competition

We are opening a poetry competition to see who can write the best poem. The prize is your choice of either £5 or $5 or 5 euros, AND your poem being published, as a post on this blog! Any language is welcome and entries from children and teenagers are allowed.  Enter here.


My Church

Old, peaceful, tall

My tall church,

Towering, grand, calming

My calming church,

Protective, happy, special

My special church,

My tall, calming, very special church.


This is an example of an acrostic poem…

 Hello, my name is Helen

Easter makes my mouth water

Look, there’s a robin

Even though I like English, maths is my favourite subject

Nobody likes reading better than I do