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Training Update

Martha can now do sit and stay! We now take her on walks on the way to school and she comes to us when we call (usually).

Dog News


we have been training our new puppy (for more info see new puppy !!!)

so far Martha has learnt sit,stay,drop and fetch but she has no idea how much more we have in store!




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The New Puppy!!!

During half-term, we collected our new puppy! She is puppy number 2 (the first one, Delphi, unfortunately died, we think, from the result of a genetic heart defect). Our puppy Martha, is a full Border Terrier and was born on August 17, 2015. Our friend Joanna, who was staying in Herefordshire, went to choose Martha from a litter of seven puppies. We met her and took her home 2 weeks later when she was about 9 weeks old. She’s isn’t quite as much work as you’d think, but at the same time…

She has had two of her injections, so will be able to go to the park in about a week from now. You’ll never guess where we travelled to collect her. We went to Abergavenny, in South Wales and brought her home to London on the train!