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Guitar Performance


Tonight I am going to play a guitar piece at our local pub! I am very exited and nervous.What if something goes wrong? I will say after possibly tomorrow, fingers crossed!download

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We had our storage shipped over a few days ago and a lot of our stuff from Australia.


Our Shipping Container


It is fun  having our old stuff back and  I am looking forward to seeing what we packed in storage and I forgot!



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New Books Coming Out

Have I done a book review on Ruby Redfort? Well if I haven’t : it’s a great series of spy novels for children, written by Lauren Child. There is a new book coming out “Pick your Poison” which would make a great Christmas present for 8-13 year olds. Another book that has come out recently is “Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer” by Rick Riordan. any other suggestions for Christmas presents?


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Special Delivery!


My favourite pavalova-type cake

For a while now, Mummy has been writing a cooking book called “Special Delivery”. It is going to be sold in England and in Australia. It will be launched some time in  December in England and was launched on the fifth of November in Australia. I have personally tasted most of the recipes and can truthfully say that they are all scrumdidilyumptious! They are recipes from all over the world : France England and especially Australia.


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The New Puppy!!!

During half-term, we collected our new puppy! She is puppy number 2 (the first one, Delphi, unfortunately died, we think, from the result of a genetic heart defect). Our puppy Martha, is a full Border Terrier and was born on August 17, 2015. Our friend Joanna, who was staying in Herefordshire, went to choose Martha from a litter of seven puppies. We met her and took her home 2 weeks later when she was about 9 weeks old. She’s isn’t quite as much work as you’d think, but at the same time…

She has had two of her injections, so will be able to go to the park in about a week from now. You’ll never guess where we travelled to collect her. We went to Abergavenny, in South Wales and brought her home to London on the train!




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Yesterdayafternoon, the butterflies hatched! When I came back from Little Foxes, I heard some fluttering coming from the enclosure where the chrysalids hang. I went to investigate and there, staring at me through big shiny eyes, were were two beautiful butterflies!! And then I turned my back for five minutes, I checked them and there were three butterflies. The next butterfly emerged from its chrysalis while I was watching. It is very fascinating! When I came downstairs the next day there was one more butterfly there to greet me and before I knew it, there was another one emerging. Now I am waiting for the last four butterflies. I can’t wait! I am feeding them on rotten nectarines and they seem to love them. I am wondering what species I will breed next time. This time it was painted lady butterflies.