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Slimbridge Wetlands Centre

P1130934On the way to Wales, while we were staying in Painswick, we visited Slimbridge Wetlands Centre. It was an excellent park full of tame ducks and geese that roamed freely around the paths. They even ate out of your hand with the special seed you could buy! There were otters and flamingoes (they were caged off). The highlight was definitely canoeing. There was lots of peaceful little alleyways, separated by reeds. It was simply marvellous!


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Railway Children

Today we went to the see The Railway Children. Despite it not having the best reviews, it was amazing. The staging was fantastic and it had a real steam train! It was probably one of the best plays I have ever seen. Situated right next to Kings Cross Station, it is also very easy to get to. I would definitely recommend it!Image result for railway children kings cross

Outside Activities, Places to go

A trip to PGL

On Saturday, Rupert and I went to PGL in Surrey. We took the train to Haslemere and then a taxi. PGL is a camp for children aged 7 to 17. We slept there for 3 nights. The food is quite good and there is someone on night duty each night who turns out your lights and wakes you up in the morning. He/She also sleeps nearby so that if there is a problem during the night, you go and wake him/her up.The sort of activities you do are:


Abseiling Abseiling Aeroball Aeroball Archery Archery Challenge Course Challenge Course
Climbing Climbing Fencing Fencing Giant Swing Giant Swing Initiative Exercises Initiative Exercises
Jacob's Ladder Jacob’s Ladder Low Ropes Course Low Ropes Course Orienteering Orienteering Powerfan Powerfan®
Quad Biking Quad Biking Raft Building Raft Building Rifle Shooting Rifle Shooting Sensory Trail Sensory Trail
Survivor Survivor Trapeze Trapeze Zip Wire Zip Wire  And much more!

My favourite activity was definatly powerfan. It was so fun! If there are activities you don’t want to do you don’t have to do them. We decided to do everything that was suggested. If you only do a four day course like me and Rupert, you do not do all of the activities.

We would like to go to PGL again next year. Perhaps we will chose another site (there are many PGL sites all around the UK) and we might even stay for longer!


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A trip to the theatre: Elephantom


 The Elephantom is a play about an annoying elephant who is always getting a little girl in to trouble.

I thought this play was great, and that the musician backstage doing the sound effecgs was brilliant! There were a lot of noises, but no talking which means that if you dont speak English it is still fine to watch. My favourite bit was when the Elephantoms came in to the crowd and bounced everywhere. This is what my brother Rupert thought of it…

I like the Elephantom because it is very funny it had funny dancing ghost elephants and they all came into the audiance!.I  also thought it was very realistic when the elephant did a fake poo. This is what my younger brother Charles thought…

I liked it  when the elephants had a party and when the elephantom brushed right against our face. And also when the elephantom’s poo dropped down from the ceiling.

Helen, Rupert and Charles saw The Elephantom on July 28, 2014 at The New London Theatre on Drury Lane, London. It is playing until September 6.

Watch the trailer here.

Places to go

Ham House & Gardens

On the bench

I fully recommend Ham House & Gardens, in Richmond. It has an amazing vegetable patch of which to inspire and there is lots of places to run around. It is a good idea to get a National Trust Membership, they are so handy!


You can take the Overground to Richmond Station and then the 65 or 391 bus. You can walk from there.