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imageHi sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Today Rupert, Helen and I went to the local high school and participated in a open day for the the music school there. We got to try lots of different instruments including the french horn, trumpet, clarinet, double bass, cello, tuba, saxophone, trombone and many others. It was so much fun trying out all the instruments: the french horn was my favorite. Then, we got some refreshments. I am really looking forward to playing them all again in the future!looking forward to seeing you again!



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My Archimedes project


I have written a   diary entry from the perspective of Archimedes the ancient Greek mathematician. I have chosen to present it in this way because English was one of the subjects I was chosen for more able group and I like writing diary entries.

My aim  was to represent Archimedes’s achievements and show what daily life was like for Archimedes in Greece using correct facts. I researched in books from the library first, then when I absolutely had to I used Google.

During this project I learnt about the following subjects: theater, medicine, food , war, inventions and of course Archimedes himself. Archimedes was a very impressive character. Some of the things that he invented are still important in our lives today. For example, his work on buoyancy ,  hydrodynamics ,and the Archimedes principle (eureka, of course!) . But my favourite of them all is the screw pump, which is still used by building companies to carry water uphill.

I made my book by first planing all the contents, then writing it all  out. I decided that I should only write the dates in a Greek font since otherwise it would take a long time to write out all the text that way. Then I tea-stainedimage the pieces of paper and sewed it together .After that I put binding tape around it and lined it with marble paper, which I had made myself.

One other point of my project that is ‘incorrect’ is that Archimedes would have not had pencils and paper,he  would have used papyrus and a hard reed for a pen. For ink, ancient greeks used all sorts of materials including squid ink and vegetable juice!


I have written in Modern Greek whereas Archimedes would have written in Ancient Greek. I did this because I couldn’t find  Ancient Greek.

Εφημερίδα: Journal

Ουομα: Name

Αρχιμήδηζ: Archimedes

Να Κάνω: To Do

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Special Delivery!


My favourite pavalova-type cake

For a while now, Mummy has been writing a cooking book called “Special Delivery”. It is going to be sold in England and in Australia. It will be launched some time in  December in England and was launched on the fifth of November in Australia. I have personally tasted most of the recipes and can truthfully say that they are all scrumdidilyumptious! They are recipes from all over the world : France England and especially Australia.


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Slimbridge Wetlands Centre

P1130934On the way to Wales, while we were staying in Painswick, we visited Slimbridge Wetlands Centre. It was an excellent park full of tame ducks and geese that roamed freely around the paths. They even ate out of your hand with the special seed you could buy! There were otters and flamingoes (they were caged off). The highlight was definitely canoeing. There was lots of peaceful little alleyways, separated by reeds. It was simply marvellous!


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Raising Butterflies

The caterpillars

The caterpillars-day 1

My Mum bought me and my brothers a butterfly raising kit from Insect Lore, where they send you caterpillar eggs by post which have usually hatched by the time they arrive. The caterpillars come in a little container which has the caterpillar food in it. There is enough food in the container to last for the whole caterpillar stage! Once the caterpillars have formed their chrysalides, you move them to the provided butterfly enclosure. After a while, they will turn into magnificent butterflies so you can observe them. When a few days have past let them go! So in short, Get’ em, Grow’ em, Set’ em free!

By Helen